Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

Pursuant to the Spanish legislation regulating the use of cookies in relation to the provision of information society services, set out in Section 2 of Article 22 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, following its amendment by Royal Decree-Law 13/2012 of 30 March, we hereby inform you about the cookies used on the website and the reason for their use. Furthermore we hereby inform you that in accordance with the law (i) the USER gives his/her consent to their use if he/she modifies the browser settings and disables any restrictions which prevent the installation of cookies and (ii) that the aforementioned consent will not be required for the installation of those cookies which are strictly necessary for the provision of a service expressly requested by the USER.


Cookies are small text files which are installed in the browser of the USER’s computer to record the USER’s activity, by sending an anonymous identifier which is stored therein, for the purpose of simplifying browsing, for example, to give access to USERS who have previously registered and access to areas, services or promotions reserved exclusively for them without having to log in on every visit. They can also be used to measure audience, traffic and browsing parameters, session time, and/or to control the progress and the number of logins. Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and your computer or device and do not provide the means to reveal your personal data.


1. First-party cookies: These are sent to the user’s connected device from a computer or domain managed by the editor and from which the service requested by the user is provided.

2. Third-party cookies: These are sent to the user’s connected device from a computer or domain not managed by the editor, but by another entity which processes the data obtained via the cookies.

3. Session cookies: These cookies are designed to collect and store data while the user is accessing a website.

4. Persistent cookies: These are cookies where the data remain stored on the connected device and can be accessed and processed during a period of time defined by the organisation responsible for the cookie, which can range from a few minutes to several years.

5. Technical cookies: These are cookies that allow the user to navigate a website and to use the different options or services which are present on it, such as, for example, monitoring traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing restricted areas, remembering the items which make up an order, storing content for broadcasting video or sound and sharing content via social media.

6. Personalisation cookies: These are cookies that allow the user to access the service with certain predefined general characteristics depending on a number of criteria on the user’s connected device, such as language, type of browser used to access the service, etc.

7. Analysis cookies: These are cookies that are either processed by us or by third parties which allow us to quantify the number of users and thereby perform measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by users of the service offered. To do so, their browsing on our website is analysed in order to improve the product offering or services which we offer.

8. Advertising cookies: These are cookies that allow for the most efficient management possible of advertising spaces included, where applicable, by the publisher on a website, application or platform from which the requested service is provided, based on criteria such as published content or the frequency with which advertisements are displayed.

9. Behavioural advertising cookies: These are cookies that allow for the most efficient management possible of advertising spaces included, where applicable, by the publisher on a website, application or platform from which the requested service is provided. These cookies store information on user behaviour obtained through continual observation of browsing habits, thereby permitting the development of a specific profile used for displaying advertising. 


The cookies used on our website are session and third-party cookies, and they allow us to store and access information relating to the language, the type of browser used and other general characteristics predefined by the user, as well as to monitor and analyse the activity carried out in order to introduce improvements and provide our services in a more efficient and personalised manner. BERETE S.L. does not use advertising or behavioural advertising cookies.

The use of cookies offers advantages in the provision of services, given that it facilitates the user’s browsing and access to the different services offered by this website, prevents the user having to configure the general predefined characteristics every time that they access the website, favours the improvement of the functioning of the website and of the services provided via the website, following the corresponding analysis of the information obtained from the cookies installed.

Cookie Name Type Purpose Duration More information __utma   Third party   Used to distinguish users and sessions. 2 years  
  __utmb     These cookies are used together to determine new sessions or visits, the activity of the visit on our website and principally the duration. 30 min    
    End of browser session    
  It is used to process the type of request made by the visitor.   10 min    
Stores the traceability of the origin of the visitor, how the user reached our website, whether by directly entering the domain address or via a link, a web search or an advertisement.  
6 months    
  __pll_language   First party   This cookie forms part of the tools with which the website was developed and stores the language chosen for browsing.   1 year    

NOTE: On some pages of this website, embedded or invoked content is shown through which third-party cookies may be installed. Although the website is checked periodically, the list of cookies may not be up to date. If you have any questions about the cookies which are installed via this website, contact us.


As a user, you may access your browser configuration at any time to accept or reject all cookies, or to select those whose installation you wish to permit and those which you do not, by following one of the following procedures depending on the browser which you use:

Given that each browser uses a different method, the help function of your browser will explain how to do this.

• Internet Explorer:″
• Firefox:
• Chrome:
• Safari:

All browsers allow the cookie settings to be changed. These settings are normally found in the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu of your browser.

Information is provided below on the steps to access the cookies settings menu and, where applicable, private browsing in each of the main browsers:

 Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings.
 For more information, you may consult Microsoft support or the browser’s Help.
 Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Custom Settings.
 For more information, you may consult Mozilla support or the browser’s Help.
 Chrome: Settings -> Show advanced options-> Privacy -> Content Settings.
 For more information, you may consult Google support or the browser’s Help.
 Safari: Preferences->Security.
 For more information, you may consult Apple support or the browser’s Help. If you have any questions, you may contact us at the following email address: